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Robyn Benincasa is a professional adventure racer who has competed in close to 40 expedition-length events - gnarly, multiday, multisport killers such as Primal Quest and Eco-Challenge. She has biked through jungles in Borneo, climbed Himalayan giants in Nepal, trekked across lava fields in Fiji, rafted rapids in Chile - and racked up multiple world championship titles along the way.

Robyn's relationship with Zanfel began in 2003 when she discovered that Zanfel Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Wash really does work. Robyn was suffering from contact with poison oak and her team captain recommended Zanfel to treat the rash. The rest is history! Robyn is a vocal advocate of using Zanfel to treat poison ivy / oak and proudly wears the logo on her sleeve in competition. In the picture to the right, you can see her post race as she was being interviewed after the MR340 in Missouri. Robyn was the first woman to cross the finish line by over 10 hours.

Zanfel is thrilled to help Robyn bring her message of Human Synergy, (a skill acquired "the hard way" by her and her teammates as World Champions in the ultra-endurance team sport of adventure racing), to corporations and leaders all across the globe.

Robyn Benincasa is the premier, authentic, WORLD CLASS source for all of your teambuilding needs, from entertaining and inspirational keynotes to power packed action-learning adventures! Her website for World Class Teams has a wealth of information about what she offers.

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Guinness World Record Holder

Robyn sets a SUP World Record